What is the difference between RGB CMYK and Pantone?
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What is the difference between RGB CMYK and Pantone?

What is the difference between RGB CMYK and Pantone? The tricky thing is, that there is a lot more to colour management than you might think. While a colour you see on screen might be the perfect sky blue you are searching for, it is almost guaranteed that when printed it will look nothing like the colour you approved on screen. In the colour world, there are three main colour systems – RGB, CMYK & PMS. It is very possible that you have heard these terms before. It is even more possible that you have no idea what each of these acronyms stand for and which is the most suitable for each format in the design industry.
Event Sponsorship TagWorldCup

ExpandaBrand proudly supporting the 2018 Tag World Cup

ExpandaBrand are very excited to announce our partnership with the 2018 Tag World Cup. At this time next year, over 190 teams will be make the journey to Coffs Harbour from around the world to compete in the game of Oztag, now in its 25th…
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What's On: How to plan outdoor events

How to plan outdoor events Planning a successful outdoor event is all about creating the right type of energy and atmosphere for your audience. Promoting your brand in an engaging and positive space can assist in building a strong and long…
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Trade Show Do's & Don'ts

Are you making the right impact at your Trade Show? With any marketing plan, a business needs to make sure there is a Return on Investment. Otherwise there is no point in doing it. One of the main requests we get at ExpandaBrand is for stand…
Custom Branded Bean Bags
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Branding from the ground up

Branding from the ground up! Furniture & Furnishings At ExpandaBrand we produce branding from the ground up! Our latest range of products is a range of branded furniture and furnishings.The range includes branded ground rugs, custom…

We don't do average!

For many years, the word quality held weight in people’s minds. Brands used the word freely and consumers believed it. That’s not necessarily the case today. Simply saying that your brand represents quality isn’t enough anymore. Today,…

Why is branding important?

Never underestimate the importance of branding for your business… Currently we are going through a whole rebranding of ExpandaBrand and we thought we should share our insight into why we find branding so important.   Many people perceive…
Inflatable Stumps

Custom Inflatables

Unlike most others we use a polyester fabric for our inflatable range. As well as making them more cost effective they are also much lighter. This makes them easier to handle and less hazardous. The polyester is also translucent which means…
Custom Cushions and Rug

Custom ground rugs

We have recently had great success with this simple idea. Whilst most of our products focus on the vertical space this goes to the ground. These rugs come with a PVC underside to make them durable and they  have reinforced eyelets on the corner…

Not all banners are created equal...

Quality has been and always will be key for us at ExpandBrand. We take Research and Development seriously – merging the elements of value, ease of use, durability and aesthetics into the high quality products 87 of the world’s top 100 brands…

Is It Time To Rebrand?

Your brand is so much more than just a logo and colour palette. It’s the core identity of your business: a collection of the values, ideals, characteristics and personality of your brand reduced to a single set of recognisable standards.

Printed Marquee Engineering Certificate

More and more event venues are insisting on a printed Marquee Engineering Certificate. We can provide this. Event venues across Australia now require that engineering certification be shown for Printed Marquees before they are allowed to be erected on site.