Teardrop Banners

Backed by a Life Time Warranty on tip poles.


Do it right the first time. Our teardrop banners are the perfect addition to any event or branded display. Striking, tough, high quality and built to last; you really can’t go wrong with these!

Teardrop banners are one of our signature products and we’re proud to offer you the very best in form, function and durability. Contact us or read on to find out more.

TearDROP Banner Origins

Originally called the Flying Banner, and now often referred to as the teardrop flag or wing banner, teardrop banners have become the most popular shape for advertising flags for two key reasons:

  1. The shape ensures that the fabric is always tight which reduces the flapping it has to endure. Less flapping means less fraying which, along with the sun, is the main enemy of advertising flags. It also means that your branding remains visible no matter what the conditions, making teardrop banners perfect for both indoor and outdoor events.
  2. The inverted shape of the Teardrop Banners ensures that most of the branding area is up high where it is most visible.

Read more about the origins of the Teardrop Banner design.

If you want great design, high-visibility advertising and a quality but cost effective branding solution the teardrop banner is a great solution. Easy to use, long-lasting and visually attractive – it’s no mystery why branded teardrop event banners are one of our best sellers.

Ease of Set up

Our Teardrop Banners are so simple to put up. Watch this quick video and see:

Teardrop Banners Set Up Sequence

Premium Teardrop Banner design features

It is important to remember that not all outdoor Teardrop Banners are created equal. While there will always be someone who can do it cheaper, this does not say anything for quality banner they are producing. When buying custom Teardrop Banners, to ensure you are buying a quality product there are a number of key features to look out for:



Teardrop Banners Tip Rod

Teardrop Banners Tip Rod

The true tapered top pole used for our promotional Teardrop Banners are made from pultruded fibreglass. We are so confident of its durability that we offer a life time warranty on this piece. The  top section of a Teardrop Banner flag  it is under constant tension hence the need for quality manufacturing. Being in a fixed curved and stressed position the load  is compounded when the teardrop banner begins to flick in the wind.  Any weak points within this top rod will result in it snapping and ultimately damaging the Teardrop Banners printed fabric as well. The top pole also has a large ball moulded to its tip. This moulded ball prevents the top rod from poking through the fabric of the sleeve when it is inserted or rubbing through the sleeve when the banner is subjected to heavy winds.  Be wary of  teardrop banners that do not use a true tapered top pole.

True tapered top pole key points:

  • Made from Pultruded Fibreglass – High flex, built to last
  • Has a protective moulded ball on its tip to prevent wear on sleeve
  • Comes with a Life Time Warranty


Teardrop Banners Metal Collar

Teardrop Banners Metal Collar


Each of the high flex fibreglass poles used to make our Teardrop Banners have a stainless steel reinforced collar to prevent the poles from splitting over time. These metal collars not only prevent the poles from splitting, they also act as a guide when joining each of the poles together.

Metal Collars key points:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Prevent the poles from splitting over time
  • Guide the joining of the banner poles

3. Heavy Duty Banner SLEEVE

Another short cut item to be wary of is the sleeve through which the teardrop banner poles are inserted. It is important that A. the sleeve is made from a durable fabric and B. its is reinforced at the end of the sleeve. The sleeve of the Teardrop Banner flag is subjected to the most UV exposure and general wear and tear over its lifetime.  Some Teardrop Banners in the market use the same polyester that the banner is printed on to make its sleeve.  We discovered a long time ago that the printed fabric of the banner is simply not strong enough to withstand the elements and lasts no more than a few months at best. This is why all ExpandaBrand Teardrop Banners are fitted with a sleeve made from a heavy duty knitted fabric. Knitted fabrics have much better resistance to scrapes and bumps than a woven fabric. Not only are our sleeves made with heavy duty fabric, they also come with extra reinforcing at the end tip of the sleeve. There is constant pressure put on the end of the sleeve by the bowed tip pole which is why we use not one but THREE layers of heavy duty fabric at the end of the sleeve for extra reinforcing.

Looking for a colour matched  sleeve? We can print our knitted banding fabric in any colour you choose for order of 20 units and over.

Banner Sleeve key points:

  • Made with a heavy duty knitted fabric.
  • Triple layered fabric at sleeve end for added reinforcing
  • Avoid banners that use the banner fabric as the sleeve


Teardrop Banners Quick Connect Device

Quick Connect Device

Each of our Teardrop Banner base poles come with our patented Quick Connect device which is moulded to the base of the pole. It allows the banner to be quickly locked onto the mounting device by simply pushing the ring down. While it may not seem significant, the Quick Connect device plays an important role in the banners longevity and ease of use. The Quick Connect slides easily on and off the mounting option, its four pronged teeth are flexible and allow the device to flex when sliding on and grab the mounting options spindle once inserted.

Click here to Read about the development of our Quick Connect Device

Quick Connect Device key points:

  • Developed and Patented by ExpandaBrand
  • Used to connect Teardrop Banner flags to mounting options
  • Plays an important role in your banners longevity and ease of use.


It is safe to say that our outdoor Teardrop Banners are the strongest in the market.  The fabric used on all of our custom teardrop banners is uniquely engineered produced using woven polyester. The fabric is then coated with a special proprietary acrylic coating which enables optimum printing of images and also increases UV stability and resistance. Not only is our fabric tough, our sewing is too. All of our banners are sewn with double stitched seams. This gives the finished areas added durability and also means that there is no chance of fraying!

Fabric and Stitching key points:

  • UV treated fabric
  • Double stiching on all finished areas
  • Added durability, NO Fraying! 


The uniquely engineered fabric of our custom Teardrop Banners gives you the option of printing Single (mirror image on reverse side) or True Double Sided. This is achieved without having to resort to a third middle layer which makes the banners heavier and prone to sagging and more damage in the wind. Offering True Double Sided printing allows your brand to be printed the correct way on both sides, you can even have a different image on each side.


Teardrop Banners Multi Mount

Multi Folding Stand


The Multi Mount stand with double ball bearing spindle is lightweight when the legs are not filled with water. When filled with sand or water it can can be used outdoors. See how it folds neatly. Once emptied is is lightweight making it easy to transport. The modular approach means that if parts are damaged only they need to be replaced and not the entire stand. All our mounts use a double ball bearing spindle which can be swapped between the soft ground stake and the Multi Mount stand. Click here to see the Multi Mount Folding Base in action!


Teardrop Banners Australia wide

We are able to supply our banners Australia wide. See our Teardrop Banners Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth in our gallery below:

Teardrop Banners Brisbane Stadium Teardrop Banners Brisbane Beach Teardrop Banners Melbourne Torquay Teardrop Banners Sydney Car Yard

Teardrop Banners Perth FestivalTeardrop Banners Melbourne Smart CarTeardrop Banners Perth Beach

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