Custom Bag Labels

Sometimes it is the simplest things that can add value to a product or service. Recently a client of ours provided us with feedback relating to their most recent Teardrop Banner order. Aside from being thrilled with the final product, we were surprised to discover that one of their favourite feature was the custom printed label on the carry bag. They loved that they could instantly know what was inside the carry bag without having to open it. A feature which is very handy when multiple designs are ordered.

“Your product quality was exceptional and the fact that the bags had our design printed on the outside of them makes life so much easier for us. We have a warehouse full of signage and never know what is what. However, with your products we can easily see what is in them and what brand they are for at a glance. This saves us a lot of time and work. Thank you!”


Our custom bag labels display a picture of the product you are ordering. This picture shows the design you are having printed. The label also details your order number along with the size of the ordered product and whether it is single or double sided.

Not just available on our Teardrop Banners, these labels are printed for every product in our product range that comes with a carry bag.

Our client was wrapped with the finer details which set our product apart from our competitors.