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What’s On: How to plan outdoor events

How to plan outdoor events

Planning a successful outdoor event is all about creating the right type of energy and atmosphere for your audience. Promoting your brand in an engaging and positive space can assist in building a strong and long lasting relationship with your customers.

When planning an outdoor event, there are a few main factors to take into consideration:

Shade and Shelter

Probably the most important aspect for any outdoor event is shade and shelter. The Australian sun is relentless over the warmer months. And weather can be unpredictable. So ensuring that event patrons have adequate shade and shelter is a top priority.

We have wide range of products to keep your customers covered while displaying your brand at the same time. Our printed Gazebos & Marquees can be joined together to create a large shaded area which can be closed in with half or full walls. Our printed Market Umbrellas and Café Umbrellas are perfect for seated areas where patrons can escape the heat or rain whilst enjoying their food and drinks. Then there is our large and jumbo Star Tents which offer a larger footprint and open walls perfect for VIP areas of drink stations.


When organising outdoor events, it is vital to consider your brands visibility. Done right, your presence can be unforgettable for your audience. If your event is shared with other brands, you want event patrons to know where to find you. Looking for a sky high portable branding product? Nothing stands out from (and above) a crowd like our giant advertising inflatables.


When deciding how to set up your next outdoor event, finding methods to integrate your brand in ways that are interactive, functional and fun is key to engaging your customers.

Why do people attend events? To connect! – with people and with experiences. Engaging outdoor events that promote positive interaction with your brand should be part of your branding strategy. Creating an interactive and positive space at your event can assist in building the right kind of relationship with your customers.

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For Hit FM, as an example, branding is a culture. They are out there every day bringing as much positivity to Australia as they can! And it’s infectious! They are all about engagement. They keep their events fun and festive and their audience wanting more. Their brand promotes inclusivity and positive vibes all round. Now who wouldn’t want to tune into that?

How to brand outdoor events

Deciding on the right type of branding materials for outdoor events is a fine art. It is important to keep in mind how much space you have. It is also a good idea to consider the branding product’s purpose (other than shade). Branded Gazebos and Marquees can be used as food stations, or merchandise shop fronts. They are also versatile enough to add panels on the back and sides if you require something more private  like a change room.

ExpandaBrand event branding products can give your audience an image to recall. A Teardrop Banner or a Media Wall can give the audience an image to remember, a phone number to call, or a website to search for later.

Over all, providing your audience with an experience that is fun and memorable is the key to the success of your outdoor events. Just make sure that you have just as much fun hosting them as your customers do attending them.