About Us

ExpandaBrand specialises in event and retail branding on fabric based devices for indoor and outdoor use. We sell Australia wide.

We are NOT a sign writer, we are NOT a franchise, we are NOT a middle man.

We print, manufacture and produce all materials, including weaving our own fabrics. This vertical integration gives us control of all key materials. We back this up with our warranties so you can be assured that a premium standard will always be supplied. We do not proclaim to be the cheapest but we produce all our products to last saving you more money in the long run.

Because ExpandaBrand work with major organisations around the globe, we need to make sure all areas of print and manufacture are running at exceptional standards. Our factory is regularly audited by our larger clients and each time receives the highest GREEN rating. We have also had all our fabrics individually tested and approved by SGS. Every step of the way, we will make sure you receive the best quality available.

We are about you

  • You want a quote, you will get it within hours, not days later. Why would you work with any one who took this long just to quote you?
  • You need advice on the best advertising device for your requirements. With more than 17 years in the industry we know our stuff.
  • You want certainty that you will get the products in time. We deliver when we say we will.
  • You want a smooth purchasing experience. We ensure you are satisfied from first contact to post-delivery follow up. We at are all about long term relationships not one-off orders.
  • You may need graphic design or logistical support. We will go the extra mile offering both these services.

You want to know that your brand is going to be reflected in the best possible way. You invest a lot into promoting your brand so why destroy all that work by placing it on inferior and poor quality products. You need to be sure that no matter what the medium, you brand will be represented consistently every time. As we have full control of manufacture and print we achieve this time and time again.

Our unique selling points benefiting you

Vertical Integration

We manufacture all our products in house. We do not outsource to the cheapest third party bidder.This means we have control of all the components that go into each product including most of the hardware. Most importantly we weave and treat our own fabrics. This integration ensures consistent quality for our customers.

Industry Pioneers:

We held and have held patents for many products including the Teardrop banners. We developed the first double sided banners that used only two layers of fabric and we pioneered the quick connect mechanism that is used by all our banners.

Experienced and Trusted

Our products have been helping brands in Australia for over 17 years. 86 out the worlds top 100 brands trust our products to convey their message.

When working with ExpandaBrand, you don’t just purchase a product, you get the respect, quality and experience you and your brand deserve and nothing less.

We look forward to helping you some time soon.

Teardrop Banners-MtBuller

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