What is the difference between RGB CMYK and Pantone?

What is the difference between RGB CMYK and Pantone?

Please match as close as you can to an apple green. Our colour is similar to a dark navy, can you do that? We want our banner to be a sky blue. Our…

Corporate Marquees | Umbrellas

Printed Marquee Setup

Printed Marquee Setup The video below demonstrates the best way to set up our printed marquees. This is one of our larger products so we think it is…


A Frame Banner Setup

A Frame Banner Set Up The pop up A Frame has proven itself as a winning design over the last 17 years. If it has a weakness it is that if you do not…

Teardrop Banners Set-up Sequence

Teardrop Banner Setup Video

Teardrop Banner Setup It is a simple procedure but as always doing it the right way makes it even easier. The video demonstrates the correct teardrop…

True Double Sided versus Single SIded

True Double Sided Banner Flags

We pioneered the double sided banner in the early 2000s once it was realised how much better it was for branding purposes on a flag banner. The main…

Feather-Banners-Feather Flags

How to set up your Feather Banner Flag

Setting up your Feather Banner Flag With all the different Advertising Flags available in the market, it can be tricky to remember how your…


Printed Marquee Certification

Printed Marquee Engineering Certificate More and more event venues are insisting that an engineering certification be shown for Printed Marquees…

Changing your Cafe Barrier print

How to change your branding message in less than 3 minutes

Five uses for a 360

Our 360 Media Wall consists of two 360

The Details Make All the Difference

At Expandabrand, product quality and customer service are what we pride ourselves on most. It

What Is A Feather Banner

At ExpandaBrand, Feather Banners have always been a staple in our range of promotional banners and advertising flags. They are…

True Double Sided Teardrop Banners

True Double Sided versus mirror image Teardrop Banners? In the custom Teardrop Banners industry there is a big misconception of single and true…