Artwork Design Tips for Teardrop Banners

HOW TO MAXIMISE YOUR BRANDING POTENTIAL: Artwork Design Tips for Teardrop Banners

When considering a design for your teardrop banner it can be difficult to decide what information is best to display and how best to place it on this non-symmetrical shape. Getting the most out of your advertising banner is important and can lead to more business for your company. We have noted down some of the lessons we have learnt over the years. Following these artwork design tips for teardrop banners will ensure your advertising is effective.

Decide on ONE Branding Message.

Teardrop Banner Branding Message

It is best to stick to one key simple branding message. Do not mistake the blank surface as an art canvas and get carried away with intricate designs. The banner is a tool with a specific job to do. Do you want to advertise an upcoming SALE? Do you simply want to re-enforce your brand at an upcoming event or do you want to let customers know that you are at a certain location? To reach your audience and keep them interested remember that Banner designs are most effective when they are kept simple.