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ExpandaBrand Custom Ball TargetsPromote brand interaction with our Custom Ball Targets

Looking for a fun activity for your next event? Our custom Ball Targets encourage brand interaction while providing a positive experience at your event. Bring your brand to life with our original custom ball targets!

Custom Branded Ball Targets

Custom branded Ball Targets are an original ExpandaBrand innovation. They are made by custom cutting 1-3 reinforced holes into the front panel of our small, medium or large vertical A Frame Pop Up Banners.

Choose between open hole/s or to leave them with a flap. Choosing to keep the flap is a great opportunity to have your logo printed front and centre. This flap is where the ball passes through and is perfect for logo placement. The back panel of the A-Frame remains solid to stop the balls from passing through completely. This area of the A-Frame can also be branded.

Looking for another activation idea? Look at our Inflatable Goal Shoot Out. Available in a small or large size.

See our A Frame Pop Up Banners.

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