Setting up your Feather Banner Flag

With all the different Advertising Flags available in the market, it can be tricky to remember how your particular Flag is assembled.


Feather Banner in the snow
Feather Banners on the mountain

We have made assembling your Feather Banner Flag easy with these four simple steps.


In an open area free from power lines and trees set up your soft ground stake or mounting option.


Unfold the fabric of your Feather Banner Flag. Insert the first rod into the long sleeve of the banner. Join the next rod ensuring it fits flush together and continue pushing into the sleeve.

Step 3

Insert the Feather Banner Flag arm or elbow into the short sleeve and fit it into the long rod.

Step 4

Hook the cord over the base. With the ring up, put the banner onto the stake and push the ring down to lock into place. Adjust the tension on the banner using the ratchet