Wind-Up A-Frames & Towers


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Wind Up A-Frames

ExpandaBrand Wind-Up A-Frames offer simplicity and versatility.

Wind-Up A-Frames are compact and lightweight. What’s more, they have no loose parts and require no tools to set up. There is no other A-Frame in the portable branding market the same. This style of A-Frame is an alternative to our Pop-Up A-Frame Banners.

A-Frames with a unique wind up Mechanism

The unique mechanism on our Wind-Up A-Frames allows set up complete in seconds. Watch how this mechanism works below:

ExpandaBrand-Wind-Up-A-Frames_Horizontal-or-VerticalHorizontal or Vertical A-Frames

Wind-Up A-frames can be used as two-sided horizontal A-Frames or as a three-sided Event Towers. Simply swap the skin over, no tools required.

Easily Swap Skins

Different events call for different event banners. Depending on your requirement our Wind-Up A-Frames are easily converted from horizontal to vertical in minutes. As shown in the video above, a new skin is placed on the frame in less than a minute when required.

Another feature of our Wind-Up A-Frames are the heavy tabs and pockets sewn to the base of the skins. The tabs are used to secure the a-frames to the ground with the use of Pegs. While the pockets are filled with weight when required on hard surfaces.

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