Teardrop banner Gortex

The Original Teardrop Banner

The world has been blessed with many legends, Don Bradman, Margaret Olley, Martin Luther King Jnr, Steve Jobs and The Beatles to name a few. In the signage world however, there has only ever been one legend – The Teardrop Banner. Now we know that legendary status is a bold claim, even with a patent to back it up. So why do we believe it has revolutionised the signage industry?

Known originally as the Flying Banner, the Teardrop Banner was developed at a time when no one realised they needed it. We knew it would transform the branding industry, offering a cost effective way to gain maximum impact above head height indoors and outdoors. Twenty years on we have sold over 1 million units world wide. It is a product so popular that many of our competitors have tried and failed to copy it’s perfected design.

The evolving Teardrop Banner

As a pioneer of our industry, we have always had a passion for innovative branding solutions. The desire to educate others with our vast knowledge of portable event branding solutions has kept us at the top of our field. We will never stop evolving the Flying Banner. Since its first release in 1999 we have continuously tried and tested it’s design to ensure we are providing a quality product that can withstand harsh elements and last the distance. Through this vision came the making of a signage legend.

So what goes into our Teardrop Banner?

Visit our Teardrop Banner page to learn more about what goes into this legendary product. Also, find out what to look out for when investing in the right kind of signage.

For many years, the word quality held weight in people's minds. Brands used the word freely and consumers believed it. That's not necessarily the case today. Simply saying that your brand represents quality isn't enough anymore. Today, you need to prove that claim by communicating quality in your branding or it falls on deaf ears.

At ExpandaBrand, we don't just say how great our branded products and services are. We live and breathe it to ensure that our customers can depend on our brand promise.

To emphasize this, we've created an audio-visual representation of just how serious we are about quality and what goes into making your ExpandaBrand banner because we don't do average!

Many interesting production facts are included throughout the brand video, such as 5000 needles per loom are threaded by hand, looms create 3000m of fabric per day, all fabric is pre-treated for waterproofing, UV filtering and whitened, and is pre-shrunk and then dried at over 200°C, several quality checks are in place throughout the production process, each banner is cut, edged, sewn and threads and edges tidied before labels are cut and attached, all product bags are custom designed and handmade and all frames and rods are fabricated on site before we ship out to all corners of the globe.



Your brand is the way your customers perceive you and your branding is an extension of your brand, so don't let your brand be let down by your branding.

Never underestimate the importance of branding for your business. Currently we are going through a whole rebranding of ExpandaBrand and we thought we should share our insight into why we find branding so important.

Many people perceive it to be the pretty things like the logo and colours, but it is much more than that. You want your customer to think of your brand as an entire experience - everything from your logo, social media, website, all the way to their interaction with you and your staff. Basically, a brand is the way your customer perceives your company.

Here are our key takeaways that we found while looking into our rebranding for ExpandaBrand :

Remember to spend time on your brand, nurture it and allow it to grow.