Advertising Inflatables


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Like our Inflatable Arches, our inflatable shapes are made using polyester, not PVC. This makes them lighter and easier to manage and well as being better for the environment.

Traditional Inflatables

Traditionally advertising inflatables have been made from PVC. These have three main drawbacks:

  • They are heavy. As an example; a 5m tall bottle shape could way 20-30kg. This makes it difficult for one person to handle.
  • No dye sublimation print. On PVC the print is laid on top of the substrate which means it can peel off if scraped.
  • They are expensive. The PVC fabric is expensive, as is the welding procedure required to join it.

Our Inflatables are made using a woven polyester (270grams per square meter). As a result they are much lighter than the PVC equivalent. One can see this in the 5m Buddy Bottle mentioned above which only weighs 5.5kg versus 20-30kg for the PVC equivalent. This makes them easier to transport and handle.

Unlike some PVC inflatable banners we print over the whole inflatable using a dye sublimation print. The result is brighter colours and there is no chance that the print will be scratched off as it is chemically bonded with the polyester. The fabric is also easily cleaned using a light detergent.

The base of the inflatables is finished in a heavy duty fabric to resist the wear and tear from constant contact with the ground. The base also has a steel ring which provides added stability for the units. All the inflatable banners have tie down points and come with pegs.

Standard Shapes

We offer a number of standard shapes. These are do not require any design work from us and so are more affordable.

Beer bottle inflatableAdvertising Inflatables Carlton Can

Custom Shapes

We can also design custom shapes. Let us know what you have in mind and we can try to get as close as possible to this. Below are some shapes we have done.

ExpandaBrand-Inflatable-Goals_Event_FootyInflatable Tennis Ball

Large Custom Inflatables

We can also make larger inflatables as per the field below that we did for the Brumbies.


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