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Looking for an Inflatable Arch for your next event?

Inflatable Arches – Lightweight Alternative

Our Inflatable Arches are lighter and more affordable than any other event inflatables on the market. They are produced with full digital printing offering a full coverage branding opportunity at your next event.

The Non PVC Option

Inflatable arches are usually made using PVC. Uniquely our arch is made using polyester making them significantly lighter (and better for the environment). This makes them easier to transport and easier to set up than the PVC equivalent. At less than 28kg one person can easily manage the 5m wide arch. With a PVC arch at least two people would be required as the arch would weigh 50-70kg.

Built tough

inflatable arch pump

The lighter weight also means a less powerful blower is required to keep the arch inflated. We recommend a 1000W blower for the 10m and 680W for the 5m arches.


Just because our inflatable arches are lightweight does not mean they give anything up in terms of durability. Firstly they are printed using dye-sub which mean there is absolutely no chance that the print can peel off as is sometimes the case with the surface print on PVC arches. Secondly as they are lighter they are easier to move around and tend not to be dragged as much as a heavier arch would.

Inflatable Arches Zipper

The base of our inflatable arches are made from a tough canvas. They have four points of heavy reinforcing which support the four tie downs. There are zips at the base of each leg that allow heavy weight bags to be placed within each foot. This along with the tie downs makes the arch able to withstand winds up to 20km/h.

"Quiksilver have been working with ExpandaBrand for many years. At one stage we did try another supplier but could not get the quality and consistency of product that ExpandaBrand have to offer. We are now back with ExpandaBrand and are extremely happy with their Flying (teardrop) Banners and I regard them as the best in the business."

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