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Printed Market Umbrellas – Flex Composite

ExpandaBrand’s Printed Market Umbrellas offer a combination COMPOSITE /Aluminium frame. Designed with a unique DOMED flex shape they have a distinctive look that sets them apart at any event.

ExpandaBrand-Printed-Market-Umbrellas_Hit-Melbourne-A Branding Tool First

Like our Printed Marquee our printed market umbrellas are designed primarily as branding tools. The flat tops of most market umbrellas means that branding printed on the roof is difficult to read once up close.
The dome shape of our Flex market umbrella provides more vertical area which creates more visibility for your brand. When compared with the traditional flat printed market umbrellas the Flex style really stands out.

They are so easy to set up! See our demo video below.

Printed Market Umbrellas Features_FlexComposite Flex Arms

Our ‘Flex’ Market Umbrellas are the only printed umbrella in the market with composite arms. The shaft is aluminium and comes as a split shaft or one piece. The pultruded fibreglass arms will not kink like aluminium arms if the umbrella is blown over. The pultruded flex arms on these simply spring back into shape like a bow. These unique flex arms are what give the umbrella it’s dome shape.

Easily change your umbrella canopy.

The printed canopy of our Printed Market Umbrella is easily replaced without tools. The canopy is held on by the tension in the flex pultruded arms. This makes it convenient and cost effective to keep your message fresh.

With our full digital printing there is no limit to the designs you can come up with to get the exposure you are after.

Southern Cross Austereo, came to us at the end of 2014 looking to produce stand-out activation and event branding kits for the role out of their new HIT Network across the country. They required a range of products to suit a variety of indoor and outdoor event locations. All products needed to have the same look and feel, with brand consistency across the range imperative…


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