Cafe Barriers


Are you looking for Cafe barriers with easily interchangeable skins?


Cafe Barriers – A New Approach

Traditionally the cafe barrier skin is attached to the cafe barrier using a sail track system on all 4 sides. Changing the  printed message on this type of barrier requires tools and some practice. Often this can only be done by sending the whole unit back to the supplier. Not a very cost effective or practical and as a result most do not change their skins.

Easily Interchangeable Cafe Barrier Sock

Cafe Barrier skin change

On our Cafe Barriers the print can be  changed in less than 3 minutes with no tools or special technique required. We have developed a double sided sock that slides over the cafe barrier frame (no more sail track required). The sock is secured and tightened using zip ties across the bottom.

See more detail on changing the skin here

Changing the skins is now so easy that it is possible to have seasonal skins for your cafe barriers or skins for special promotions.

Double Sided Cafe Barriers

The sock approach means that our skins are always double sided. You can even print different designs on each side.

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