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Cafe Barriers – A New Approach

The main problem with the old style cafe barrier is the difficulty in changing the printed message. The usual sail track system used to hold the skin on requires tools to attach it. Changing the print can often only be done by sending the whole barrier back to the supplier. With these bulky items the freight alone turns most people off this approach.

Easily Interchangeable Cafe Barrier Sock

Cafe Barrier skin change

Changing a Cafe barrier skin

Changing a Cafe barrier skin

Our approach was to develop a Cafe Barriers where the skin could be changed in less than 3 minutes with no tools or special technique required. We removed the sail track from the frames and developed a double sided sock that slides over the frame. The sock has eyelets along the bottom which are used to tighten the skin with zip ties (which are not visible once tightened). This creates a drum tight finish.

See more detail on changing the skin here

With our barriers it is so easy to change the skins you could realistically have different skins for the week end and week days, or change skins with the seasons.

Keeping a fresh message on this prominent space is now cost effective.

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