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Cylindrical Banners – 360 Degree Exposure

Available in two styles, Freestanding or Overhead, the Cylindrical Banners offer 360 degree impact for your message.
Easy to assemble, our Cylindrical Banners require no tools to set up and provide a highly visible and unique way to brand events such as concerts and exhibitions.

Hanging or Freestanding

Our Cylindrical Banners are available in two styles, The Overhead Hanging and Free Standing Cylindrical.

The Overhead Hanging Cylindrical (pictured right) is an effective tool for internal use when you have a high ceiling to work with. The Freestanding Cylindrical Banner comes with its own stand and makes for an eye catching internal display.


Cylindrical Banners offer 360 degree impact for your message. Perfect for large areas, they offer one of the biggest printable areas available.

"Quiksilver have been working with ExpandaBrand for many years. At one stage we did try another supplier but could not get the quality and consistency of product that ExpandaBrand have to offer. We are now back with ExpandaBrand and are extremely happy with their Flying (teardrop) Banners and I regard them as the best in the business."

Quiksilver Australia

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