Promotional Banners and Flags

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Promotional Banners and Flags

Our Promotional Banners are available in different types of fabric depending on application:

  • Light Weight translucent: Suitable for indoor use and when banner is to be mounted against a wall so no light gets through from the back
  • Medium Opaque/Block out: Slightly heavier and suited to for applications where the promotional banner may have light behind it. The opaque fabric ensures the print is not washed out by the light from behind.
  • Heavy Opaque/Block out: Same as above but for more permanent use, recommended for outdoor use.
  • See also mesh banners

Promotional Banner FinishingOur Promotional Banners have a unique finish which makes them more durable than others in the market. Their extended their life expectancy is due to the plastic strip within the reinforced seamed edges. The plastic strip ensures the edge will not rip as will happen when only a seam is used and no plastic strip. Our Promotional Banners also come standard with reinforced metal eyelets at each corner however, you can add as many eyelets as you like.

Custom Finishing.

Need custom finishing? No problem! We also do custom finishes such as pockets for poles, Velcro strips or loops or anything else required for your particular event.

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