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Mesh Banner Options

Our Mesh Banners are available in two fabric options depending on the desired application:Mesh-Banners-Fabric

  • Mesh Aitex: For promotional banners larger than 5m. The mesh fabric allows the wind to pass through ensuring the larger banners will not blow away.
  • PVC Mesh: Same as above but heavier duty for more permanent use.

Mesh-Banners-Plastic-StripsThe standard finish on the Mesh Banners is a seam reinforced with a plastic strip and metal eyelets which ensure that the edge will not tear or break . Our Mesh banners offer maximum durability.

As we make our mesh banners up custom, we can also include any number of finishes such as velcro, pole pockets, additional loops or anything else you need. Just ask and we will deliver.

We have produced Mesh Banners in all sizes and quantities. One banner we made was big enough to cover a full soccer field and weighed almost a ton! We have also produced runs of over 1000 3×1 banners with various custom finishes, so rest assured, whatever your request ? we can make a plan!

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