Branded Event Bins


Are you looking for Branded Event Bins for your next event?


Functional Branded Event Bins

The folding Event Bin is a unique way to combine branding and storage at your next event. Made of heavy duty polyester material and a fibreglass frame it is sturdy enough to provide storage for product give away’s or be used as a branded rubbish bin with our heavy duty bin liners.
Our promotional Event Bins have a fibreglass and steel frame that is covered by a digitally printed polyester knit fabric for maximum durability and maximum branding impact.

Unique fold away system

Our event bins have a fold away that is super simple. As demonstrated below, our bins can be neatly folded down into a completely flat disk with just a twisting motion. The flat disk can then be packed away in a the event bin carry bag which had carry straps to make transportation even easier.

Event Bins in Action

This promotional product is perfect for storing water bottles at marathons, triathlons and cycling events. They are also great for storage or as a rubbish bin at golf days and family fun days. We recently used one at an Expo and trade show as a competition entry barrel!

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