Custom Shaped Marquee

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3D marquee

Custom Shaped Marquee – The 3D Marquee

The 3D Marquee combines two of our most popular products, the Marquee and the  Inflatable Advertising custom shapes. The end result is a marquee that stands out next to a standard gazebo.

Easy to Swap Inflatables

The inflatable on the top part of the canopy is interchangeable. It is held onto the apex with a zip and can be easily swapped along with the blower and lights.

Custom Marquee without Inflatable

Use Without Inflatable

The marquee can be used without the Inflatable unit and we provide a fill-in piece that is zipped into place on the apex when the inflatable is not needed. This can be useful if the wind makes the inflatable unusable, or if there are height restrictions.

3D Marquee Pump

Integrated Blower

The inflatable is inflated with an internal 240v pump that is not visible once the 3D Marquee is set up.  The only extra steps are to plug in the internal pump to a 240v power source and adjust the guy ropes.

Custom Marquee blower Internal View

Internal Lighting

The inflatable comes standard with internal LED lighting. The material used for the inflatable is translucent and diffuses the light making these really glow at night time events. Even on a cloudy day the lights help the inflatable shape stand out.

3D Marquee BagCustom Bag

The 3D Marquee comes with a custom bag that allows everything to be packed into one bag including the blower. This reduces the chances of losing pieces.

Custom or Standard Shapes

We have several standard designs to choose from (see below) or tell us what you are after and we can create something custom. The inflatables can be easily replaced as they attach to the Marquee with a zip.

Custom Shaped Marquee Lights

3D marquee Standard Shape

King Pie Custom Marquee

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