The Quick Connect Story


The Feather Banner Quick Connect is the innocuous piece of moulded plastic used to connect the Teardrop Banners, Feather Banners and Wing Banners to our various mounting options. Whilst it may not look like much, many years experience has taught us that this part plays an important role in the banners longevity and ease of use.

In the early days of advertising flags, the connection to the mount was simply the hollow pole sliding over a rod section on the mount. Depending on the tolerances the ability of the banner to rotate varied from poor to not at all with this arrangement. The banner could also not be secured to the mount which could result in it flying off...

The first improvement was the introduction of the ball bearing rotating spindle instead of the bushing arrangement. The spindle was mounted with two ball bearings one at the top and one at the bottom. A pin could now be inserted through the banner pole and spindle to secure the banner to the mount without preventing rotation. This solution prevented the binding that could happen with the bushings which would often result in broken poles.

This was an improvement but still flawed. The pin was fiddly to put in and take out and invariably would get lost. The other main issue was that the forces placed on the bottom pole when a 4m Feather Banner is subjected to strong winds are surprisingly high and the bottom of the rod was prone to cracking and breaking.

At this stage the Quick Connect emerged as an easy and secure way to attach our banners to the various mounting options. No more fiddling with a pin, just pull the ring down.