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The Original Teardrop Banner

The world has been blessed with many legends, Don Bradman, Margaret Olley, Martin Luther King Jnr, Steve Jobs and The Beatles to name a few. In the signage world however, there has only ever been one legend – The Teardrop Banner. Now we know that legendary status is a bold claim, even with a patent to back it up. So why do we believe it has revolutionised the signage industry?

Known originally as the Flying Banner, the Teardrop Banner was developed at a time when no one realised they needed it. We knew it would transform the branding industry, offering a cost effective way to gain maximum impact above head height indoors and outdoors. Twenty years on we have sold over 1 million units world wide. It is a product so popular that many of our competitors have tried and failed to copy it’s perfected design.

The evolving Teardrop Banner

As a pioneer of our industry, we have always had a passion for innovative branding solutions. The desire to educate others with our vast knowledge of portable event branding solutions has kept us at the top of our field. We will never stop evolving the Flying Banner. Since its first release in 1999 we have continuously tried and tested it’s design to ensure we are providing a quality product that can withstand harsh elements and last the distance. Through this vision came the making of a signage legend.

So what goes into our Teardrop Banner?

Visit our Teardrop Banner page to learn more about what goes into this legendary product. Also, find out what to look out for when investing in the right kind of signage.

Our pop-up A Frame custom ball targets are an ideal way of engaging participants in almost any kind of sporting activation. We have made them for various sports:


A Frame Pop Up Banners
NAB Auskick Ball Target


Ball Targets_Cronulla Sharks
Cronulla Sharks Ball Target


ExpandaBrand Custom Ball Targets_Golf Days
Rip It Golf Targets

We can customise the size of the holes and placement to your requirements. As they are based on our Pop-Up A Frame they fold down quickly and are easy to transport.

If you want something bigger have a look at our Inflatable Goals. We have standard shapes and sizes or you can go full custom.

Touch 7s Goal

Please match as close as you can to an apple green. Our colour is similar to a dark navy, can you do that? We want our banner to be a sky blue. Our Artwork Department are asked questions like these everyday. The tricky thing is, that there is a lot more to colour management than you might think. While a colour you see on screen might be the perfect sky blue you are searching for, it is almost guaranteed that when printed it will look nothing like the colour you approved on screen.

In the colour world, there are three main colour systems: RGB, CMYK & PMS. It is very possible that you have heard these terms before. It is even more possible that you have no idea what each of these acronyms stand for and which is the most suitable for each format in the design industry.

While it might not seem that important, if you want your final design to look the way you intended, it is vital that you know how each of these colour systems work and how they differ. Here we break it down for you.

What is the difference between RGB CMYK and Pantone?RGB (Red Green Blue).

RGB is a colour system used exclusively in digital design. It is the colour system used by computer screens to reflect colour by blending light itself. When building a website, or designing an electronic invitation or promotion you will need to provide your designer with the RGB profile of your logo.

What is the difference between RGB CMYK and Pantone?CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black)


CMYK is the colour system we use for printing. It refers to the four colours used in process colour printing. In process colour printing the colours you see are created by combining different percentages of each of these four colours. When printing an invitation, promotion or banner you will need to supply the CMYK profile of your logo to your printer.

What is the difference?

The RGB colour system has a much broader spectrum of colour than a the CMYK system. Computer monitors and printers see colour in contrasting ways. This is why colours you see on your screen look vibrant and energetic while those printed on paper and fabric look dull in comparison.

While every printer prints using CMYK, it is important to realise that the colour gamut of every printer is different. The final colour result varies depending on the printer that is producing it and the material you are printing on. For example; a CMYK logo printed by Printer A onto glossy paper will not print identical to the same CMYK logo printed by Printer B on a banner fabric. Additionally a logo printed on glossy paper by Printer A and Printer B using the identical CMYK profile is NOT guaranteed to match in colour once printed.

Why? Because every printer is calibrated differently; and all materials absorb and reflect light differently. This is why the Pantone Matching System was developed.

PMS (Pantone Matching System)

What is the difference between RGB CMYK and Pantone?

PMS colours are a universal list of specific colours printed onto a colour matching swatch book. By selecting a PMS colour for your logo, you will ensure your chosen printer will select the correct percentage of each of the four process CMYK colours. The final result will perfectly match your specified PMS colour.

The Art of Colour Management

The colour management of all of these systems is complex. Sometimes you are lucky. You buy a new ink jet printer, you hook it up, and your prints come out looking fantastic and continue to do so for the lifespan of that machine. But the reality is that having complete control of the output your $29 Kmart printer will have is far from guaranteed.

ExpandaBrand has become the industry leader in the field of colour, fabric and high-tech inks. We have spent a lot of time, travel and effort to get to where we are today. We think that we are almost unmatched in achieving our clients expectations in our colour duplication on our Teardrop Banners, Retractable Banner Stands and Printed Marquees. We go to extreme lengths to guarantee colour accuracy on our fabric advertising flags and pride ourselves on customer satisfaction.

Need further information? Call us today and we will explain it all for you.

Branding from the ground up!

Furniture & Furnishings

At ExpandaBrand we produce branding from the ground up! Our latest range of products is a range of branded furniture and furnishings.

The range includes branded ground rugs, custom printed cushions and branded bean bags. These are in addition to our already popular branded deck chairs, director's chairs and branded inflatable furniture. These products are a simple and cost effective way to brand your event space.

Custom Branded Bean Bags   Branding from the ground up    custom-printed-deck-chairs-at-federation-square-in-melbourne

Get off the ground with high impact.

Get off the ground with high impact inflatable branding. ExpandaBrand produces custom Inflatable Arches in varied sizes and custom shaped inflatables.

These inflatables are light weight and full colour print. We have produced inflatable rugby fields and now produce inflatable goal shoot outs! You are only limited buy your imagination. So give us a call today to see what we can do for you.

Inflatable Stumps .   ExpandaBrand-Custom-Advertising-Inflatable-Rugby-Field .   Custom-Advertising-Inflatable-Goal

For many years, the word quality held weight in people's minds. Brands used the word freely and consumers believed it. That's not necessarily the case today. Simply saying that your brand represents quality isn't enough anymore. Today, you need to prove that claim by communicating quality in your branding or it falls on deaf ears.

At ExpandaBrand, we don't just say how great our branded products and services are. We live and breathe it to ensure that our customers can depend on our brand promise.

To emphasize this, we've created an audio-visual representation of just how serious we are about quality and what goes into making your ExpandaBrand banner because we don't do average!

Many interesting production facts are included throughout the brand video, such as 5000 needles per loom are threaded by hand, looms create 3000m of fabric per day, all fabric is pre-treated for waterproofing, UV filtering and whitened, and is pre-shrunk and then dried at over 200°C, several quality checks are in place throughout the production process, each banner is cut, edged, sewn and threads and edges tidied before labels are cut and attached, all product bags are custom designed and handmade and all frames and rods are fabricated on site before we ship out to all corners of the globe.



Your brand is the way your customers perceive you and your branding is an extension of your brand, so don't let your brand be let down by your branding.

Never underestimate the importance of branding for your business. Currently we are going through a whole rebranding of ExpandaBrand and we thought we should share our insight into why we find branding so important.

Many people perceive it to be the pretty things like the logo and colours, but it is much more than that. You want your customer to think of your brand as an entire experience - everything from your logo, social media, website, all the way to their interaction with you and your staff. Basically, a brand is the way your customer perceives your company.

Here are our key takeaways that we found while looking into our rebranding for ExpandaBrand :

Remember to spend time on your brand, nurture it and allow it to grow.

Quality has been and always will be key for us at ExpandBrand. We take Research and Development seriously - merging the elements of value, ease of use, durability and aesthetics into the high quality products that 87 of the world's top 100 brands have trusted over the years.

Aristotle said. "Quality is not an act, it is a habit". We also have a Greek-like philosopher here at ExpandaBrand in the form of our CEO, who regularly says. "Only the rich can afford to buy cheap".

So what does this mean?

Drive around town and the cheap branding definitely stands out like a sore thumb. Bent out of shape, fabric wrapped around the hardware, torn and even broken - leaving the customer to have to purchase new branding (if they're in the financial position to do so).

You wouldn't be at fault for thinking that the branding is old and has run its course which is why it looks worse for wear but in most cases, it's only a couple of months old.


Your branding says a lot about you and your brand. Think about it - 99% of the time, we as consumers interact with the brand itself before the product or service offered. Whether it's through various media channels or branding, our initial engagement is on an emotional level.

Whether you're a moms & pops store or the next global powerhouse, you've invested time and money into your brand. So don't let your brand be let down by your branding. First impressions last, so Invest once instead of buying twice.

Just like you, your brand has a personality and now more than ever, social media has become an integral part of your brand's identity. Not only does it drive awareness but it's a great way to build trust and loyalty through engagement. There's no cookie-cutter approach to this. Every brand is different and so is their strategy but one thing is for sure - social media is an effective way to build your brand.

Identify Your Audience

With more social media platforms than we know what to do with, we're a little spoiled for choice. However, not every choice is a good fit for your brand - so how do you choose?
The below infographic puts the top 5 platforms into a little more perspective.



Your social media page may have more followers than Justin Bieber but if you're not engaging with your audience, you're sitting with a solid gold Lamborghini. Beautiful to look at but pretty much useless.

What is engagement you might ask? Well in social media terms, it's simply the interaction between a brand and your audience in the form of likes, comments, shares, retweets and URL clicks  just to name a few.

Be Relevant

To stand out from your competition, you must keep your content interesting, relevant to your brand and most importantly relevant to your audience.
Facebook gives you the ability to target posts to particular segments of your fans thus giving you even further control. No more shotgun tactics!

Content is King

Every piece of content you share should support your brands image. Visual content resonates perfectly on social media and will often receive twice as many views as opposed to text only posts. Whereas blog posts show your audience that you're invested in creating a high-quality brand - as long as it enriches the people that read it.


A Frame Banner Set Up

The pop up A Frame has proven itself as a winning design over the last 17 years. If it has a weakness it is that if you do not know the correct technique folding it can challenge you. The set up video below demonstrates the correct approach to A frame abnner set up. As you can see when the technique is followed it almost folds itself. We like to say if you have to apply any force you are doing it incorrectly

ARU Pop Up A Frame Banners

Event Branding Victoria | The 2014 RIP CURL GROMSEARCH SERIES

The 2014 Rip Curl GromSearch Series kicked off over the weekend starting its Series in Jan Juc Victoria. Check out the 6m score board we did.


Event Branding Cattleman's Rail Jam

The 9th annual Burton Cattleman


This innovative product combines creative flare of a cardboard cut out with the durability and simplicity of a pull up banner stand! With no loose parts, this distinctive product offers a fold away branding tool that is the perfect lightweight option for your next event. And – it will get people talking!

ExpandaBrand-Shaped_Cut-Out-Banner-StandTHE BEAUTY OF DIGITAL PRINTING

Our full digital printing means you can have any design you like, whether it be a drink bottle, glass, person, cartoon character, phone, golf bag or a drink can. You name it, we will print, cut and mount to your chosen size base.


First we begin with your image. It needs to be high resolution, because at most, it will be blown up to 2m in height.

ExpandaBrand-Shaped_Cut-Out-Banner-Stand-for-Expo-entriesThe artwork department map out the best cut line suitable for your image. When marking this out they must make sure the final cut out image is centred on the banner stand and that the shape will be stable enough once erected.

Once you have approved the design, we proceed to the printing phase! (this is the exciting bit) With our advanced digital printing we print your image onto our lightweight non curl banner stand fabric. After this, with a precision laser cutter, we follow the cut line to ensure your shape is smooth and free from white edges.

See the gallery of Shaped Banner Stands we have created below:

[av_textblock size='' font_color='' color='']

ExpandaBrand Custom Ball TargetsPromote brand interaction with our Custom Ball Targets

Looking for a fun activity for your next event? Our custom Ball Targets encourage brand interaction while providing a positive experience at your event. Bring your brand to life with our original custom ball targets!

Custom Branded Ball Targets

Custom branded Ball Targets are an original ExpandaBrand innovation. They are made by custom cutting 1-3 reinforced holes into the front panel of our small, medium or large vertical A Frame Pop Up Banners.

Choose between open hole/s or to leave them with a flap. Choosing to keep the flap is a great opportunity to have your logo printed front and centre. This flap is where the ball passes through and is perfect for logo placement. The back panel of the A-Frame remains solid to stop the balls from passing through completely. This area of the A-Frame can also be branded.

Looking for another activation idea? Look at our Inflatable Goal Shoot Out. Available in a small or large size.

See our A Frame Pop Up Banners.

[av_gallery ids='8348,8347,8346,5058,7298,8383,8384,8385,8386,8387,8391,8392,8393,8395,8396,8382' style='thumbnails' preview_size='portfolio' crop_big_preview_thumbnail='avia-gallery-big-crop-thumb' thumb_size='portfolio' columns='4' imagelink='lightbox' lazyload='avia_lazyload']

Setting up your Feather Banner Flag

With all the different Advertising Flags available in the market, it can be tricky to remember how your particular Flag is assembled.


Feather Banner in the snow
Feather Banners on the mountain

We have made assembling your Feather Banner Flag easy with these four simple steps.


In an open area free from power lines and trees set up your soft ground stake or mounting option.


Unfold the fabric of your Feather Banner Flag. Insert the first rod into the long sleeve of the banner. Join the next rod ensuring it fits flush together and continue pushing into the sleeve.

Step 3

Insert the Feather Banner Flag arm or elbow into the short sleeve and fit it into the long rod.

Step 4

Hook the cord over the base. With the ring up, put the banner onto the stake and push the ring down to lock into place. Adjust the tension on the banner using the ratchet

How to change your branding message in less than 3 minutes

Setting Up your Cafe Barrier

Unlike the old style of cafe barriers with a rail system, we have created a double sided lightweight polyester sock.

This sock slips over the cafe barrier frame and is held in place with zip ties along the bottom.

Once tightened up the zip ties are not visible resulting in a drum tight finish.