Hogs Breath Cafe


Hogs Breath Cafe sponsor a wide and varying portfolio of events in conditions that range from snow to outback heat. Hogs Breath Cafe had the following requirements:

  • Multi purpose Retail Flags that look good indoors and can be can be used outdoors
  • Compact and easy to transport when folded
  • Quickly assembled without tools at events
  • Distinctive when in use


Hogs Breath Cafe chose our Teardrop Banners, Feather Banners and Wing Banners for their retail and event solutions. Currently Hogs Breath use these retail flags in 65 stores nationwide on a day to day basis and at sponsored events.


Hogs Breath Cafe now have multipurpose retail flags they can use on a day to day basis and then easily transport and use at events that they sponsor effectively expanding their brand.