Feather Banners


Are you looking to use Feather Banners for your next event?


Feather Banners with unique tension arm

Feather Banners have a rectangular shape which offers a better fit for longer logos.

Our Feather Banners are available in multiple sizes with different height and width combinations. Therefore this style of advertising flag can be tall and skinny or short and wide.

Conveniently all of our Feather Banner sizes fit into the same 1.5m tall carry bag. This carry bag is a heavy-duty padded bag with a shoulder strap. Additionally, it comes with an internal pocket for a soft ground stake.

Keeping your Feather Flags in shape

Wing-Banners-and-Feather-Banners-Angled-Tension-DeviceMost Feather Banners on the market come without any support along the bottom of the fabric. This allows the bottom to flap against itself which leads to fraying at the bottom corner. Our Feather Banners come with a Tension Device for Lower Arm. This reduces the flapping of the lower corner and in turn, increases the life-span of the banner.

Feather Banner Printing Options

Do you want single or true double sided? You can choose a single-sided printed banner with a mirror image visible on the reverse side or you can choose a true double sided print. The difference between our true double-sided printed banners and others is we do not use a third piece of fabric between the layers. This third piece of fabric makes the banner heavier and susceptible to damage from flapping.

What is true double sided? Our banners use two pieces of opaque block out fabric. This method ensures there is no ‘ghosting’ of the image on the opposite side and allows you to have a different message on each side of the banner without worrying if there will be strike through.


Mounting Options for Feather Banners

Like all of our banner flags, the Feather Banner makes use of our Quick Connect device. This device allows the flag to attach to the multi-mounting options. Meaning, you can mount your Feather Flag in soft ground, on hard surfaces or even on a wall.

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