Why is branding important?

Never underestimate the importance of branding for your business. Currently we are going through a whole rebranding of ExpandaBrand and we thought we should share our insight into why we find branding so important.

Many people perceive it to be the pretty things like the logo and colours, but it is much more than that. You want your customer to think of your brand as an entire experience - everything from your logo, social media, website, all the way to their interaction with you and your staff. Basically, a brand is the way your customer perceives your company.

Here are our key takeaways that we found while looking into our rebranding for ExpandaBrand :

  • A brand is what exists in the mind of your customer. All together it is your customers impression from every interaction with you, your product and your company.
  • Every interaction sends a message. Make sure all those messages are pointing in the right direction to support your brand strategy.
  • Proper branding creates a platform for customers to make purchasing decisions based on more than just product features.

Remember to spend time on your brand, nurture it and allow it to grow.