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Product Information

Teardrop Banners Done Right

The the Teardrop Banner was one of our original products. Having owned the original patent for these nobody has been making them longer than us. With this unmatched experience we are confident that our teardrop flags cannot be beaten for function, durability and after sales backup.

Teardrop Banner Origins

Originally called the Flying Banner, but now more commonly referred to as the teardrop flag or wing banner, teardrop banners have become the most popular shape for advertising flags for two key reasons:

  1. The shape ensures that the fabric is always tight which reduces the flapping it has to endure. Less flapping means less fraying which, along with the sun, is the main enemy of advertising flags. It also means that your branding remains visible no matter what the conditions, making teardrop banners perfect for both indoor and outdoor events.
  2. The inverted shape of the Teardrop Banners ensures that most of the branding area is up high for improved visibility.

If you want high-visibility advertising the teardrop flag is the ticket especially when done with True Double Sided Print. Easy to use, long-lasting and visually attractive – it’s no mystery why the teardrop banner is one of our best sellers.

Teardrop Banner Features to look out for:

True tapered Teardrop Banner Top Pole

  • The top section of a Teardrop flag is under constant tension hence the need for quality manufacturing of this part
  • Made from Pultruded Fibreglass with a true taper. This gives High flex and durability.ExpandaBrand-Teardrop-Banners-Hardware
  • Has a protective moulded ball on its tip to prevent wear on the banner sleeve
  • Comes with a Life Time Warranty
  • Be wary of teardrop banners that do not use a true tapered top pole.

Metal Collars at Pole Ends

  • Stainless SteelExpandaBrand-Teardrop-Banner-Poles
  • Prevent the poles from splitting over time
  • Guide the joining of the banner poles

Quick Connect Device

  • Allows the banner to be quickly locked onto the mounting device by simply pushing the ring down.
  • Developed and Patented by ExpandaBrand
  • Used to connect Teardrop Banner flags to all mounting optionsExpandaBrand-Teardrop-Banner-Quick-Connect-Device
  • Plays an important role in your banners longevity and ease of use

Ratchet Tensions System

  • To ensure long life it is important that the tension is set correctly. The Banner Flag ratchet system make this as simple as pulling a piece of string
  • The banner will stretch over its life time so this should be adjusted every few months.

Heavy Duty Sleeve

  • Sleeve subjected to the most UV exposure
  • Made with a heavy duty knitted fabric
  • Triple layered fabric at sleeve end for added reinforcing
  • Avoid banners that use the banner fabric as the sleeve