Mountain Dew wanted portable branding devices to suit their upcoming event. The Mountain Dew Battle for Supremacy at Federation Square in Melbourne. They also requested a branding device that could be used alongside branded vehicles at events nationwide.


Teardrop Banners, Mesh Banners and Printed Market Umbrellas were our suggestion for this Melbourne event. Easily transportable, each of these products would provide Mountain Dew with effective branding tools for their Melbourne event.


The skating arena was lined with Teardrop Banners and Mesh Banners. They effectively labelled the event as a Mountain Dew sponsored event. Our Market Umbrellas provided both branding and shelter next to branded vehicles with game consoles inside. Keeping the kids playing them protected by the sun whilst getting Mountain Dew’s branding message out there.

Watch the highlights of the 2009 Mt. Dew Battle for Supremacy featuring our products here: