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Banner Stand 360

The Banner Stand 360 is the next generation of traditional banner stand. It eliminates unsightly poles and side views and the curved surfaces allow for 360 degree branding.


The 360 degree round banner stand is perfect for busy events and in cases where the branding or artwork needs to be displayed all around.

The Pull Up Banner Alternative

The Banner Stand 360 concept was conceived to address the shortcomings of the more traditional pull-up banner stands. These traditional branded banner stands are fine if viewed front on but as soon as you move to the side the image gets distorted. If you move far enough you can see the ugly back pole and none of the branding message. The curved surfaces of the Banner Stand 360 means that more of the branding message is visible from all angles. As the name implies, it offers a clean eye catching branding space all the way around.

Simplicity of Design

As with all good design, the most appealing part of this original product is it’s simplicity. It needs only one central pole which makes putting the 360 Banner Stand up simplicity itself and there are fewer parts to go missing. Once the central pole is wound up tight the taut fabric provides the support all around. The ability to wind the fabric tight also means any creasing is removed contributing to the clean look. We have had up to 15kg on the round table with no problems. The 360 Banner Stand range is lightweight but very robust with weight bags inside it can be used outdoors.

Add Lighting to the Mix

Unlike a retractable banner stand the the Banner Stand 360 has space inside for lights. Either 240v lights or battery operated LED lights can be attached to the pole. The back lit banner stand takes this to the next level.

Various Sizes

Available in both round or elliptical shape, the Banner Stand 360 can be ordered in either small (1.1m high) or large (2m high). The shorter size is designed to be used as a sampling table or drinks table and has an optional table top.

Covert two 360 Banner Stands into a 360 Media Wall simply by adding a wall.

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