Banner Stand 180


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180-Banner-Stand-ANIBanner Stand 180 – A Unique Look

The new 180 Banner Stand is an evolution of the traditional banner stand. It allows your branding message to be seen front & back and sides. It combines the practicality of our standard Retractable Banner Stands with the innovation of our 360 Banner Stands.

A Unique Banner Stand

The clever design of this product shows off your brand from any direction. As you can see in this animation to the left the skin zips closed on one side. This design makes your branding message easily interchangeable.

It’s wider base also allows the banner stand to be weighted down internally. This means you can use the stand outdoors.

Internal Lighting Options

This product can also be lit from within. With the use of lightweight LED lighting, your 180 Banner Stand can be transformed into a light box for use in the day or even at night.

Compact and Lightweight

The 180 Banner Stand conveniently packs down into a small Carry Bag. This makes it easy to transport to and from your event.

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