Are you looking for shaped or regular banner stands?

Pull-Up Banner Stands – Simplicity = Reliability

Our Pull Up Banner Stand is a lightweight alternative to the Retractable Banner Stand. Featuring a non-mechanised system it offers a no-fuss manually rolled banner stand for your next event. The video below shows how easily these are to set-up:

Lightweight and easy to transport

Our new and improved Pull Up Banner Stand is designed to be simple and robust. It does not use a spring-loaded mechanism but is simply hand rolled on the top pole. With simplicity comes reliability.

Fabric Not Paper

The skins are printed on a high-quality non-curling polyester which offers the following benefits:

  • More durable than laminated paper
  • Matte finish so no reflections from surrounding lighting
  • No curling at the edges which happens with vinyl

They are easily interchangeable allowing you to swap out your branding message in minutes. Slide out the old banner top and bottom and slide the new one in. No tools required.

Shape your Pull-Up Banner Stands for extra impact!

For extra impact, you can have your banner stand skins cut out to create an eye-catching silhouette. The shaped skin is supported by battens on the back side and can still be rolled and transported in the standard bag. Have any design printed, cut out and fitted to your chosen sized base. Bottles, glasses, people, cartoon characters, phones, golf bags, oil cans, drinks and cans – you name it, we’ve made them into banner stands (see gallery ). All on a non-mechanised roll up.

Prefer a spring loaded base? See our Retractable Banner Stands.

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