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Retractable Banner Stands

The ExpandaBrand Retractable Banner Stand is a high end pull up banner. It is designed for long term use with quick and easy skin changes.

Not a Throwaway Banner Stand

Our Retractable Banner Stands were designed with your return on investment in mind. We wanted to create a product that not only looked fantastic and was easy to use, but that also stood the test of time. The video below shows how it goes up:

The main problems we identified in other products were fabric curling, loss of poles and difficulty changing the skins and branding. The Ex-Roll banner stand is desigend to address or these issues.

Easy Skin Changes – Long Term Value

Our Retractable Banner Stand is perfect for trade shows, exhibitions and all indoor and outdoor events. Our roll up banner is not like other cheap and flimsy retractable banner stands on the market with the main differences being the superior quality and the fact that with our Retractable Banner Stand you have the ability to change skins. This not only provides a better return on investment (you can change the skin many times using the same frame) it also makes it a more versatile and long lasting branding tool.

No More Missing Parts

A major issue with other retractable and roll up banner stands is that the poles are easy to lose. To combat this frustrating problem our  Banner Stands are designed as a single unit and as such the telescopic pole is never detached from the frame.

Having a telescopic pole also means that you can have varying banner heights and lock off the pole in any position.

Fabric Skins

To prevent the edges curling the Ex-Roll skins are made with a high quality non-curling opaque polyester. This means they are very durable and have a deep matte finish.

The skins and are easily interchangeable and slide onto the roller. No messy glue or velcro solutions here. This allows you to change your branding message in minutes and re-use the same roll up frame for many branding cycles instead of replacing the whole frame each time.

Our Ex-Roll Banner Stands are available from 850mm wide x 2000mm high through to 1500mm wide x 2200 mm high.

For a lighter weight option try our Pull-Up Banners Stands

For something with more pizzazz see our Banner Stand 360

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