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Circular Flags with Retail Impact

Circular End Flags are the most effective means of giving your brand 360 degree visibility and 100% impact. They combine the practical aspect of a Boulevard Banner with the movement of a Teardrop Banner and create quite an impression at events and functions.

The innovative design of our Circular End Flag allows the double-sided print to display your brand from any direction.

Larger 1m Diameter

Originally only available in 500mm wide; we now offer a larger 1m size. They gives you even more branding room and opportunity to dominate your next event.

Adaptable Design

The flexi disk image is easy to change and the clamp is designed for full adaptability. You can attach it to any pole between 50 and 300 mm with either cable ties or double-sided tape. We design all our products with the user in mind and the circular end flags or flexi disks are no different. You’ll find them easy to use, simple to set up, convenient to pack and move and very popular with your customers.

Easy To Set Up

Circular Flag Mounts

Our Circular End Flags are lightweight and incredibly easy to set up.

Our Circular End Flag can be mounted in a variety of ways for any given situation. The most popular ways to mount our End Flags is using the Magnetic Temporary Mount, the Fixed Cable Tie OR Screw Bracket Mount.

The Magnetic Temporary Mount system allows the base to be placed against a flat metal surface.

The Fixed Cable Tie OR Screw Bracket can also be permanently fixed to your chosen pole with either a fixed cable or screw bracket. Once fastened you can simply remove the End Flag base from the fixed bracket to change your branding message fastened you can simply remove the End Flag base from the fixed bracket to change your branding message.

"Quiksilver have been working with ExpandaBrand for many years. At one stage we did try another supplier but could not get the quality and consistency of product that ExpandaBrand have to offer. We are now back with ExpandaBrand and are extremely happy with their Flying (teardrop) Banners and I regard them as the best in the business."

Quiksilver Australia

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