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The Slimline Media Wall

We now have three styles of Media Wall within our product range for you to choose from. Adding to the 360 Media Wall and Pop-Up Display we now offer a Slimline Media Wall.


What is the difference?

The slimline media wall consists of a simple lightweight frame that can be assembled in minutes. The printed sock then slides over the frame and is secured along the bottom.

The frame pieces are joined by internal cords to make assemble easier and avoid losing pieces.


  • Lightweight and easy to transport.
  • Robust as no moving or folding parts to break.
  • Ideal when double sided print is required (can still be done with single sided print with a plain white back piece).
  • Stretchy sports knit fabric means no creasing.

"Quiksilver have been working with ExpandaBrand for many years. At one stage we did try another supplier but could not get the quality and consistency of product that ExpandaBrand have to offer. We are now back with ExpandaBrand and are extremely happy with their Flying (teardrop) Banners and I regard them as the best in the business."

Quiksilver Australia

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