Inflatable Arch with internal lights

Inflatable Arches with Internal Light

One of the advantages of using polyester to make our inflatable arches is that they are translucent. This means that with internal lighting they literally glow. the lighting is achieved using LED 'ropes'. We build in velcro hanging straps so that the LED 'rope' hangs in the cavity of the inflatable and does not touch the fabric. This even light creates the glowing effect you can see below:

Inflatable Arch with lightInflatable Arch with internal lights Inflatable Arch






If your events are held around dusk or dawn we highly recommend lighting it up. Contact us to find out more.


Inflatable Stumps

Custom Inflatables

Unlike most others we use a polyester fabric for our inflatable range. As well as making them more cost effective they are also much lighter. This makes them easier to handle and less hazardous. The polyester is also translucent which means the can be internally lit like the Audi one below.

Product page here .

Call us to discuss your ideas:

Custom Inflatable M
Custom Inflatable Light House
Inflatable Stumps
Sydney Sixers Giant Stumps
Curved Inflatable Arch
Curved Inflatable Arch
Inflatable Hot Air balloon
Custom Audi Arch

Custom Cushions and Rug

Custom ground rugs

We have recently had great success with this simple idea. Whilst most of our products focus on the vertical space this goes to the ground. These rugs come with a PVC underside to make them durable and they have reinforced eyelets on the corner so they can be pegged down.

Available in any size you want:

Branded Bean Bags CricketCustom ground Rugs



We can also make custom cushions to compliment the rugs. These also come with PVC undersides so they can be used on rough surfaces.

Custom Cushions and Rug

Event Activation teardrop banners

Brand Activation Signage - simple can be effective

When done well we know a brand activation can be effective. See our blog on this here.

Our range of products are designed to help you get the most from your next brand activation.

See how we helped the HIT Network with their national brand activation here.

Below are some examples of our products in action at activation events.

Deck Chairs










Our branded deck chairs are a popular choice for activation events. They are very portable and robust and can be branded front and back.

Market Umbrellas



Brand activation-for-Hit-FM_Event-Umbrellas-and-tables






We have various styles and sizes to suit most occasions. A market umbrella with full digital printing provides a large branding area and as demonstrated by the photos above is hard to ignore.


Advertising-Inflatable-Goal- TripleMMMBrand-Activation-Inflatable-Goal-Posts_NovaExpandaBrand-Custom-Advertising-Inflatable-Goal-Shoot-OUT!







We have standard inflatables (as above with the inflatable goal) or we can custom make an inflatable. These allow visitor interaction at the brand activation and provide a large branding area that is very portable.

Corporate Marquees | Umbrellas

Printed Marquee Setup

Printed Marquee Setup

The video below demonstrates the best way to set up our printed marquees. This is one of our larger products so we think it is important to use the right technique to make the job as easy as possible. Employing the wrong technique can damage the gazebo or worse still your back.

The video shows it as a two person job and also demonstrates how the marquee wall are attached. The setup can be done by one person with some patience. Care should also always be taken to secure the marquee either with weights on hard ground or pegs on soft ground.


Teardrop Banners Set-up Sequence

Teardrop Banner Setup Video

Teardrop Banner Setup

It is a simple procedure but as always doing it the right way makes it even easier. The video demonstrates the correct teardrop banner setup technique and how best to pack them away. Although the small teardrop banner size is used in the video the same approach applies to all the sizes.


Printed Marquee Engineering Certificate

Printed Marquee Engineering Certificate

More and more event venues are insisting on a Printed Marquee Engineering Certificate. We can provide this. Event venues across Australia now require that engineering certification be shown for Printed Marquees before they are allowed to be erected on site.

What is a Printed Marquee Engineering Certificate?

This important document provides upper wind strength limits for the minimum weight or peg requirements. This certificate is required by event venues to ensure the safety and quality of the branding equipment being used.

What does this mean? To further explain, the table below highlights the main points that can be found on a printed Marquee Engineering Certificate. The wind ratings listed assume that the printed marquees have the minimum weight specified in the anchorage section on each corner.


Quality printed Marquees

ExpandaBrand-Printed-Marquee-Engineering-CertificateThe quality of our printed Marquees is assured. We are able to provide detailed printed Marquee Engineering Certificate for our Printed Ex-Dome Marquees, and Standard Printed Gazebos. This reduces the time spent tracking one down on event day.

The wind ratings listed above assume that the printed marquees have the minimum weight specified in the anchorage section on each corner. For ultimate safety at your event we recommend using both weights and the tie downs whenever possible. On a regular dry grass surface the documentation recommends a peg at least 400mm long.

The image featured right shows a printed marquee with the tie downs set up. The tie downs do not need to be set so far out if space is tight. The ropes can even go straight down the legs and attach to the pegs placed next to or through the feet. This also reduces the tripping hazard.

Visit our Printed Marquees product page.

View our Printed Marquees gallery page.

Cafe Barrier skin change

Changing our Cafe Barrier Skins

Unlike the old style of cafe barriers with a rail system, we have created a double sided lightweight polyester sock.

This sock slips over the cafe barrier frame and is held in place with zip ties along the bottom.

Once tightened up the zip ties are not visible resulting in a drum tight finish. This sock can easily be taken on and off by following these simple steps.


Setting Up your Cafe Barrier


Remove your old cafe barrier sock by cutting the existing zip ties and sliding the sock off the frame. Replace your branding message by slipping the new sock over the frame. Turn your Cafe Barrier upside-down, resting it gently on the top bar. It is best to have a towel on the ground to avoid scratching the new sock or the frame.

Facing your Cafe Barrier, begin inserting your first zip tie. Thread the zip tie through the first metal eyelet and OVER the frame and through the metal eyelet on its opposite side. Pull it through until the square end butts up against the first eyelet.

Setting Up your Cafe Barrier2STEP 2 - PULLING THE ZIP TIE TIGHT

(See image on right).


Once your zip tie is threaded through the two metal eyelets, pull the zip tie forward, up and back over towards yourself pulling as hard as you can to ensure the zip tie is as far through as it can be.

Resting your free hand onto the frame for support is recommended.

Setting Up your Cafe Barrier3STEP 3 - PULLING THE SOCK TIGHT

Insert the end of the zip tie into the square end fastening clip.

Pull through cranking over each tooth of the zip tie until the sock fabric is drum tight and the zip tie is as tight as it can be.

Using scissors or a pair of pliers cut the additional length of the zip tie that is no longer necessary. Be sure to cut as low as possible to ensure no injury is caused from a sharp zip tie end poking out.


Continue steps 1-3 along the cafe barrier on each of the metal eyelets parings. Once complete turn the cafe barrier back over. If you have removed the feet remember to tighten the thumbscrew when putting these back

True Double Sided versus Single SIded

True Double Sided Banner Flags

We pioneered the double sided banner in the early 2000s once it was realised how much better it was for branding purposes on a flag banner. The main goal is to keep the weight down as the heavier the fabric the more it will damage itself when flapping. To thsi day some competitors still use the three layer method with normal translucent fabric either side of an opaque centre piece.

Avoid getting sold double sided when it is a mirror image as below. These are printed on one side but the print is visible as a mirror image on the reverse side as below.

True Double Sided versus Single SIded

Banner Flag Ratchet System

Banner Ratchet SystemOur latest innovation is the Banner Flag Ratchet Tension System which we have attached to the tension cords of the Teardrop Flags, Feather and Wing Banners. This new ratchet system replaces the existing cleat and makes it much easier to adjust the tension of the banners.

Setting the tension correctly on your advertising flag is important. It ensures that there is no loose fabric to flap in the wind which reduces fraying and ultimately extends the life of your banner. Making this task as simple as possible means people are more likely to do it. Using the new Ratchet System to adjust the tension of your Teardrop Banner is simple:

  • If your banner is too loose, pull the cord to adjust the tension
  • If your banner is to tight, press the button on the ratchet to release the tension


The Quick Connect Story


The Feather Banner Quick Connect is the innocuous piece of moulded plastic used to connect the Teardrop Banners, Feather Banners and Wing Banners to our various mounting options. Whilst it may not look like much, many years experience has taught us that this part plays an important role in the banners longevity and ease of use.

In the early days of advertising flags, the connection to the mount was simply the hollow pole sliding over a rod section on the mount. Depending on the tolerances the ability of the banner to rotate varied from poor to not at all with this arrangement. The banner could also not be secured to the mount which could result in it flying off...

The first improvement was the introduction of the ball bearing rotating spindle instead of the bushing arrangement. The spindle was mounted with two ball bearings one at the top and one at the bottom. A pin could now be inserted through the banner pole and spindle to secure the banner to the mount without preventing rotation. This solution prevented the binding that could happen with the bushings which would often result in broken poles.

This was an improvement but still flawed. The pin was fiddly to put in and take out and invariably would get lost. The other main issue was that the forces placed on the bottom pole when a 4m Feather Banner is subjected to strong winds are surprisingly high and the bottom of the rod was prone to cracking and breaking.

At this stage the Quick Connect emerged as an easy and secure way to attach our banners to the various mounting options. No more fiddling with a pin, just pull the ring down.



Feather and Wing Banner Tension System

Any flag banner with unsupported fabric corners will be subject to fraying caused by the flapping action. We have solved this problem with our Wing and Feather banners using a unique angled tension device.

This allows the bottom outside corner to be pulled down tightening the fabric. Once this is adjusted the flapping is eliminated and with it the fraying of the banner.

The tension also creates a unique movement for the Wing and Feather banners.


Bonds Change rooms

Why Brand Activations Work - Infographic

What is a brand activation?


A brand activation is a marketing method which involves engaging consumers by creating an experience and allowing them to interact with the brand.  By engaging with consumers and involving them in an event or experience brands are able to foster positive associations and create long-term brand loyalty.

Brand activations have become an important part of every brand’s marketing strategy and it’s easy to see why. With consumer sentiment beginning to turn unfavourably against traditional advertising and an ever-increasing number of new brands in the market, it’s now essential to make your own brand heard in a way that is both positive and effective.

Brand activations are great for this purpose as they allow you to engage with customers and position your brand strategically in public perception. When done right, a brand activation is not only successful at increasing brand awareness and sales, it also has long term benefits like improving brand image, fostering brand loyalty and creating long-lasting and positive brand associations.

How do they manage that? The infographic below shares a few fascinating facts and figures about how brand activations work and why they’re so successful.


What you’ll need to pull off a brilliant brand activation:

While it’s no secret that brand activations are a powerful tool, executing your own is a complicated matter. Below are the top things we’ve learned are critical for a successful brand activation.

A strong concept

Everything hangs on your concept, so you need a strong one in order for the activation to succeed. Obviously a great idea is the crux, but it’s not all there is to it. The following three elements also need to be considered for a concept to really be strong:


As we see from the stats in the infographic above, coming up with something entirely unique will help position you as a thought leader and ensure that people remember your brand.

If you can’t make the whole thing entirely unique, make sure you have elements that are, or at least that will excite/engage/surprise your target market in a good way. A brand activation is an investment, so don’t move ahead unless you’re 100% confident that your idea will have an impact.


This should be obvious, but sadly it’s often overlooked. Basically, you need to be sure that your concept not only works, but also works for your brand. Coming up with a great idea is one thing, but if it’s not true to the nature of your brand you risk the results being lukewarm.


It’s easy to get swept away with great ideas, but you need to be sure that everyone else is on board and that you have the means to execute it. The problem arises when you have a great idea, but you have to water it down in order to get it done. Sometimes it’s better to scrap a complicated idea that you have to dilute in favour of a simpler one that you can execute well.  

Bonds Cylindricals
Bonds Cylindricals

Customer insight

This principle is as simple as look before you leap. Before you even start thinking of an idea you need to know your target market inside out and backwards.

  • Create a buyer persona and make sure you’ve done exhaustive research.  If you’re a new brand you’ll need to create an ideal buyer persona to think about the type of customers you want to attract.
  • Think through your activation from your customer’s perspective. This means you should consider everything from the social media you use to promote it to the time of day you launch it.  Get inside their head and decide what works best for them, not you.

Remember that your customers will relate the brand to the activation, so make sure it’s sending the right message to the right people. If your activation is high energy but your brand is Zen you’re sending mixed messages, or even worse: if your activation is sloppy people will assume your brand will be too. Thankfully, on the flip side, if you manage to pull off a great execution this will be the lasting image that stays with people for years to come.


Good promotional merchandise

No brand activation is complete without the right branding and promotional merchandise, particularly if you’re hosting an event.

  • The human brain remembers imagery well; so make sure you capitalise on the hype by having branding that’s good quality and easy to see.
  • Don’t just go for numbers. Having something custom or novel makes more of an impact than sheer number or size; allowing you to save budget and have a bigger impact.


A realistic budget

Budget plays a massive role in planning brand activations, and you want to be sure to strike the right balance between quality and affordability. Below are a few things to keep in mind to help you do that:

  • Get quotes before you begin to plan your budget - that way you can get a realistic idea of what you’ll need to include.
  • Plan your budget together with your concept so that you don’t commit to something you’ll struggle to execute
  • Allow sufficient time to shop around for prices and deals
  • Be upfront with your suppliers about your budget
  • Remember that a substandard activation can cause damage to the brand image, so be sure that you’re committed to investing in a good one.

An engagement tactic

Engagement helps to imprint a brand into a customer’s long term memory system. In addition, allowing someone to touch and hold something also triggers feelings of connection according to Psychologists, so letting people interact with your branding and products is a great way to foster brand loyalty.

Finding an engagement point generally involves supplying customers with something they need, want or can make use of. Branded shade tents and deckchairs for a beach event, for example, or branded change rooms and goalposts at a sporting event.


Sufficient planning

For an activation to run smoothly you’ll need to have planned for every eventuality.

  • Ensure you have enough products, samples and staff as customers can feel hard done by if they are left out.
  • Ensure you have enough space and enough signage if you’re hosting an activation event


An amplification strategy

You’ve done all the hard work, now it’s time to make sure you get a decent ROI on your brand activation. For that you need to make sure you’re promoting it through a variety of channels.

  • Encourage social media sharing and make it easy for people to do so - event hashtags and competitions are always good for this purpose.
  • Share as many photos of the event as possible and get participants talking about it by tagging them.
  • Allow those who missed the activation to participate through social media by engaging with their comments after the activation. Make sure you do this timeously, people tend to expect responses within the hour.
  • Make the most out of your investment by creating some sharable content (videos, slideshows, mixed-media etc.) from the event and sharing it on your social media and website.


Custom Labels to make life easeir


Sometimes it is the simplest things that can add value to a product or service. Recently a client of ours provided us with feedback relating to their most recent Teardrop Banner order. Aside from being thrilled with the final product, we were surprised to discover that one of their favourite feature was the custom printed label on the carry bag. They loved that they could instantly know what was inside the carry bag without having to open it. A feature which is very handy when multiple designs are ordered.


Our custom bag labels display a picture of the product you are ordering. This picture shows the design you are having printed. The label also details your order number along with the size of the ordered product and whether it is single or double sided.

Not just available on our Teardrop Banners, these labels are printed for every product in our product range that comes with a carry bag.

Our client was wrapped with the finer details which set our product apart from our competitors.


Printed Marquee Certification

Printed Marquee Engineering Certificate

More and more event venues are insisting that an engineering certification be shown for Printed Marquees before they are allowed on site. These documents simply provide upper wind speed limits and minimum weight or peg requirements.

Call us if you need the official documents.