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Pop Up Displays

Start with a Solid Frame

Pop Up Media Wall Frame

Pop Up Media Wall

There will always be cheaper options but there is a reason they are cheap. The main issue with the cheap options is the grade of aluminium used in the frame work. Cheap aluminium looks the same but is really soft . This makes it much easier to bend the frame. Avoid the frustration and do it right the first time. With a quality frame the skin can be replaced many times which mean that long term it will end up better value.

Easy to Assemble

Assembled in minutes without the use of tools, our Pop Up Displays come with or without the side wraps.

Compact Storage

Our Pop Up Displays are very compact making them easily portable.

When folded down into their carry bag they measure 0.37m x 0.30m and stand only 0.89m tall.

Pop Up Display Frame

Pop Up Display Frame

Pop Up Displays Carry Bag

Pop Up Displays Carry Bag

They can conveniently fit into a standard car boot and are easily carried by one person, using the straps sewn onto the carry bag.

Easily Change your Message

The fabric on our displays is easily applied and detached using velcro sewn on all four edges.

This means you don’t need to replace the whole structure, just the fabric when you need to change your branding message.

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